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camiloner Jun 4, 2013
shoutz from chile! dope radio
DJ Static Jan 4, 2013
@mihai: yup... that break was also used in classic Big Daddy Kane track "Warm It Up Kane"!
DJ Phillie Dec 31, 2012
Frank BLVD has probably always been my fav guest DJ on your show. Heat after heat. Killed it on the hip hop set!
Remco Nov 22, 2012
Love my wefunkradio !! When will you guys come with an app?
Peace from Curacao (caribbean)

Mihai Nov 21, 2012
The Big Bad John break sounds like it could be a Brand Nubian track :)
kadenza Nov 14, 2012
Hello !!
Super Radio ! continuer comme ├ža

Mihai Nov 14, 2012
Ah, nice to see an edIT track in there. Check out the Grouch "Artsy Remix".
peasant podium music Nov 7, 2012
Loving this set. BX in the house!!! Peep new music from Akbar (yes, that Akbar of 90's fame!) from upcoming album Planet X - Good looking. Stay fire!!!!
Flammin' James Nov 7, 2012
where you been all my life??? To the bone, to the boooooooone
Russe Nov 7, 2012
Manfred Krug - KILLERBREAK - song itself is pretty funny as well if you understand german!
toni Nov 6, 2012
you guys have a manfred krug song??? das ja der wahnisnn :-) keep on funkin!
PD Nov 1, 2012
Manfred Krug for president!
MWooster Oct 31, 2012
Fantastic show, that breaks selection was classic, and had completely forgotten about Royal Flush and Grav, reminder was more than welcome!
kawikabrown Oct 30, 2012
I didn't anticipate a magic carpet ride to the planet of breaks today! Great breaks set, Groove & Static!
trueninnagreen Oct 30, 2012
Fresh and Funky

Show 710

October 19, 2012

Ten tons of drums: Frank BLVD gives the drummer some with funk breaks by Wilbur "Bad" Bascomb, Andre Ceccarelli, Charly Antolini, George Semper, Can, Big John Hamilton and more. Plus grimy 90s selections from Al'Tariq and Grav, new & old funk flips by Osaka Monaurail and Erlon Chaves, a P-Funk double shot, and hydraulicized trunk beats from X-Clan, Xzibit and edIT.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Frank BLVD, Alan / HOSTING Mads, Adam, Tom, SirdikDotCom, Greg, Augustinas, PJ, Alessandro Motta, Travis, Oliver, Florian, Mike, Chris, CyberWurx hosting, daduke & Jens Meiert. You can help too!

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  • intro
  • pass pass feat. gfunk - the game we play
  • talk (over frank nitt - l.o.v.e. instrumental)
  • x-clan feat. quazedelic - space people
  • xzibit feat. king tee & alkaholiks - louis xiii
  • edit feat. grouch - back up off the floor
  • jake wade & the soul searchers - searchin' for soul (break)   (start of frank's 1st set)
  • james spencer - take this woman off the corner (break)
  • allen toussaint - get out of my life woman (break)
  • bit-a-sweet - if i needed someone (break)
  • charly antolini's power dozen - jumping (break)
  • jack trombey - rock bed 1 (break)
  • andre ceccarelli - gang process (break)
  • bad medicine - trespasser (part 2) (break)
  • george perkins - i'm so glad you're mine (break)
  • gregory washington - pamla lamour (break)
  • open sky unit - sunshine star (break)
  • johnny talbot & de thangs - pickin' cotton (break)
  • wynder k. frog - cool hand stanley (break)
  • quiller - quiller (break)
  • bill deal & the rhondels - tuck's theme (break)
  • charly antolini's power dozen - nofretete's headache (break)
  • manfred krug - wenn der urlaub kommt (break)
  • mighty dogcatchers - it's gonna be a mess (part 2) (break)
  • mike curb congregation - mickey mouse club (break)
  • halina frackowiak - wodo, zimna wodo (break)
  • joe pass & carol kaye - slick cat (break)
  • bad bascomb - black grass (break)
  • george semper - get out my life woman (break)
  • anton valotti - spiro (break)
  • j.d. & the evil's dynamite band - just some more haaa-sheesh (break)
  • calvin owens' show - the cat (break)
  • big john hamilton - big bad john (break)
  • can - vitamin c (break)
  • cold, bold & together - (stop) losing your chances (break)
  • david matthews - main theme from star wars (break)
  • malone & barnes and spontaneous simplicity - road man (break)
  • wally cox & the natives - house party (break)
  • baba yaga - too cool to be true (break)
  • emil viklicky - trochu funky (the funky way) (break)
  • gamith - darkness (break)
  • eastside connection - frisco disco (break)
  • electric indian - rain dance (break)
  • jerry butler & exuma - you can fly (break)
  • la pregunta - shangri-la (break)
  • tropea - the bratt (break)
  • willie bobo - always there (break)
  • gus giordano - do whatever sets you free (break)   (end of frank's 1st set)
  • 400 years of what - get down people
  • bamboos - tighten up
  • ripple - get off
  • osaka monaurail - mother popcorn
  • erlon chaves - me & baby brother / day by day
  • everyday people - who's gonna take the weight, who's gonna take the blame
  • richard "groove" holmes - red onion
  • mood - karma   (start of frank's 2nd set)
  • no i.d. feat. common & dug infinite - state to state
  • al'tariq - everybody's talkin'
  • grav - city to city
  • grand daddy i.u. - regrets
  • royal flush - family problems
  • illegal - on da m.i.c.
  • show & a.g. - next level
  • screwball - hostyle
  • funk league feat. large professor - through good & bad   (end of frank's 2nd set)
  • katzuma - keep it in the family
  • stephanie mills - you can't run from my love
  • don blackman - deaf hook-up connection
  • parliament - theme from the black hole
  • bar-kays - give it up
  • talk (over bar-kays - give it up, jewel - jewel's groove)
  • jewel - jewel's groove
  • ohio players - who'd she coo
  • funkadelic - if you got funk, you got style

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