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NJ Apr 23, 2020
Digging into your archives...Ruby J always brings the eclectic and electric to her sets. Those first 2 tracks sound wildly out-of-genre, but on second listening they fit in and it really flows! Thought Vanity 6 sounded like a Prince project - did a bit of digging and yeah, the Purple One is playing all the instruments on that cut!. Also, Article 14 is deep, dope thought-music. Big love as ever from the UK
graz May 12, 2015
of all the good stuff the cure released how u found the track u played as being funk has my mind boggled. its ok though as the rest of the funk and soul is the bomb keep up the good work
Will Jul 2, 2014
Nickodemus. Some never heard of Dianna Ross. Skyhi. Good stuff- Floatin' in from Cali ya'll- Never stop!
Ruby Jane Mar 21, 2013
That's right. Wefunk cures ;)
Linch ept Feb 9, 2013
cure from wefunk - wtf?
daniel Oct 7, 2012
love this show. : )
dale Sep 12, 2012
Hal Sep 10, 2012
GREAT WE FUNK! I can´t stop listening, I Salute you from Argentina!! Don´t stop yo!
Fuzzy Aug 31, 2012
The Curer mix...WOW
re-co Aug 23, 2012
Wow, I never found out what track Onra flipped into his L.I.A.B., but thanks to Ruby I now know it was cheri - murphy's law. Wefunk educates!
funkg Aug 18, 2012
Never gave the song Wet Dream much thought before but its a great track!
rah says Aug 17, 2012
remember in '93 when Passin' me by came out :-)... a masterpiece! Thanks again WeFunk!!!!!
Rewi Aug 17, 2012
cheri - murphys law is killer track! lovin it downunder in NZ... Peace!
toni Aug 16, 2012
keep on funkin da funk!
stop hating! stop vegans! stop dillaism!

Keifus Aug 14, 2012
Yo Ruen!!!
Where you at??? Keep them tunes coming!

Keifus Aug 11, 2012
Love the show no matter what others say!Keep doing what you do, make it funky!!!
Huge Hefner Aug 11, 2012
reference is to DJ Day's track, fuck him. Dope show, shoulda just played Dilla, sick of fuckers stealing from him and making a buck off his genius, fuck them
Huge Hefner Aug 11, 2012
fucker shouldnt have bothered. fucker couldnt even be bothered to make a new beat, had to take Dilla music and butcher it. maybe he thinks its a homage, fuck him, its lazy. i mean, we all on Dillas nuts, but fuck off Dillas nuts man
funkybonee Aug 9, 2012
amazing show and sounds that I love :D
Keifus Aug 9, 2012
Smoking a bowl...Listening to the show, awesome blend..
heebz Aug 9, 2012
STARTING off with my boy Day's REMIX! ONE LOVE - HEEBZ/Project 405 Springfield MO

Show 696

Everybody loves the sunshine: Ruby Jane keeps the summer vibes flowing with selections by Nina Simone, Sam Sparro, Vanity 6, Cheri, Prince and more. Plus a soulful slow burner from Lack of Afro's 2011 LP "This Time", a summertime classic from Sly & The Family Stone, funky soul from Sky Hi and Betty Wright, and Vox Sambou and Narcicyst's meditation on the plight of asylum seekers in "Article 14".

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DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Ruby Jane / RECORDED June 22, 2012 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • d.j. day - b.b.q. the police
  • talk (over roy ayers - funk in the hole remix)
  • d.j. cosm feat. moka only & teekay - day that's new
  • j. cole - sideline story
  • pharcyde - passin' me by (remix)
  • vanity 6 - wet dream   (start of ruby jane's 1st set)
  • cure & u.g.k. - boys don't cry (d.j. eleven remix)
  • nina simone - gimme some (mike mangini remix)
  • people under the stairs - schooled in the trade
  • lord echo - sword cane
  • eliminators - loving explosion
  • rhetta hughes - you're doing it with her
  • pointer sisters - hypnotized   (end of ruby jane's 1st set)
  • vox sambou feat. narcicyst - article 14
  • show & a.g. - spit
  • illaments feat. imak, rusty red, ibou brahima & brotha jacksun - cypher freestyle
  • mista spyce - where itz at
  • lewis parker feat. sadat x. & shabaam sahdeeq - walking on a razor (pt. 2)
  • lack of afro feat. wayne gidden - a time for...
  • diana ross - it's my house   (start of ruby jane's 2nd set)
  • nickodemus - mi swing es tropical
  • una mas trio - son montuno
  • greenwood rhythm coalition - tabaco y ron (t.m. juke & the jack baker trio rework)
  • tweet - boogie 2nite (fat camp mix)
  • prince - chelsea rodgers
  • sam sparro - 21st century life
  • cheri - murphys law   (end of ruby jane's 2nd set)
  • betty wright & the roots - old songs
  • sky hi - do it differently
  • sly & the family stone - hot fun in the summertime
  • talk (over tall black guy - talk together, leo sayer - easy to love (professor groove fakestrumental))
  • unifics - court of love
  • sky hi - fell short

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