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Logichead Feb 8, 2013
crazy! i used to DJ disco at what used to be known as Vinyl Lounge. i would always play the same tracks you played from "help is on the way" to "green light"! you must've copped them from Beat Electric too ;) that or this is just the craziest coincidence
skanksterchris Aug 25, 2012
loving the choose and style you got going on here. my first but not my last listen.. from manchester u.k
HughPhug Aug 25, 2012
maaaaan what is that Dynamite track after Disco Tom? its killing me
Skrillitch Aug 21, 2012
Super curious bout those blank tracks! Especially the 2nd :)
Igor Aug 21, 2012
The song before John Edwards is The Don Carrington Trio "If I Were a Carpenter"
Patrick Aug 20, 2012
The song before John Roberts is "Claim Jumping" by John Edwards.
Professor Groove Aug 19, 2012
Thanks for the song ID Narkh. No, the blanks aren't intentional, we're eager to fill them in.
narkh Aug 19, 2012
Damn good show, loved the simahlak's set. And to fill one gap, his ending track is John Roberts - Sophisticated funk (sampled by Cypress Hill on 'Tres equis'). Not sure if gaps are intentionnal or... Keep up the funk!
Tayfun Aug 18, 2012
quantic & alice russel with the combo barbaro is sooooooooooooo gooooood!!

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Family Affair: Simahlak gets into raw hip hop from Johnson&Jonson and Moka Only, a deep B-side by Earth Wind & Fire, and lots of rough funk & boogie. Rawsoul takes it back to the early 90s with early Mobb Deep and a Heavy D posse cut featuring Guru, Biggie, Busta and more. Plus a nod to Rotary Connection on Quantic & Alice Russell's "Look Around the Corner", and New Orleans soulful sounds from Lee Dorsey, Betty Harris and The Meters.

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DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Simahlak, Rawsoul / RECORDED June 29, 2012 / HOSTING Mads, Greg, Florian, Jens Meiert, Mike, CyberWurx hosting, SirdikDotCom, Travis, daduke, Oliver, PJ & Augustinas. You can help too!

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  • intro
  • george smallwood - funk by the pound
  • talk (over manzel - space funk)
  • carole king - mi corazon (edit)
  • soul snatchers - who told you
  • quantic & alice russell with the combo bárbaro - look around the corner
  • pharaohs - the pharaohs love y'all   (start of simahlak's set)
  • mad dog & the pups - hep squeeze
  • __ - __   (unknown song)
  • __ - __   (unknown song)
  • johnson&jonson - j. and j.
  • moka only - __   (unknown song)
  • emotions - love vibes
  • earth, wind & fire - kalimba tree
  • sharon redd - can you handle it
  • fat larry's band - act like you know
  • whatnauts - help is on the way
  • de de - s. & m. (sexy music)
  • central line - walking into sunshine
  • disco tom - goldie's boogie
  • euro funk - dynomite
  • mtume - green light
  • spaceship earth - midnight express to love city
  • mighty 7 - call me
  • index - starlight (edit)
  • don carrington trio - if i were a carpenter
  • john edwards - claim jumpin'
  • john roberts - sophisticated funk   (end of simahlak's set)
  • sudden change - nodd your head   (start of rawsoul's set)
  • mobb deep - peer pressure
  • kurious - i'm kurious (instrumental)
  • paris - days of old
  • ed o.g. & da bulldogs - streets of the ghetto (instrumental)
  • to be continued - one on one
  • heavy d. & the boyz - a buncha niggas
  • big daddy kane - how u get a record deal   (end of rawsoul's set)
  • lee dorsey & betty harris - love lots of lovin'
  • meters - dry spell
  • richard spaven - zeebra iii
  • la melodia - working on it
  • david matthews - dune (edit)
  • montclairs - hung up on your love
  • minnie riperton - love hurts
  • focus feat. l.e., young r.j., dae one & willie b. - just 4 u
  • b.u.m.s. feat. law - move
  • primeridian - change the meridian
  • talk (over encore - defined by the dollar instrumental)
  • planet asia - mach one

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