howard johnson
much too much
There are several artists with this name; 1. HOWARD JOHNSON - THE WORD KING As a guitarist at the age of 9 had a tendency to go against the grain as a suitor for all forms of music. Soon to realize that there wasnt any challenge in writing songs and was able to play any instrument. As a writer has written over 1200 songs, 1000 poems, 40 short stories and 5 books. Has worked with many different bands to include Heart, Korn, Sugar Ray, Alice in Chains and recorded over 40 songs with Chris Baird, Engineer & Guitar Tech for the band Korn. Founder of Rock For Youth a non-profit organization which provides musical instruments and lessons to underprivleged children. 2. Howard Johnson is an RNB singer from Miami, Florida, USA. In 1977, after a while of singing in local bars and clubs, he was discovered by Sandy Torano, a guitarist and producer who had previously worked with Commodores and Phyllis Hyman. Together they formed the band Niteflyte, who were signed to Ariola and released two albums. Howard Johnson left Niteflyte in the early 80's to pursue a solo career on A&M Records. His 1982 debut solo album "Keepin' Love New" was produced by Kashif, Paul Laurence Jones and Morrie Brown. The track "So Fine" went #1 for one week in the US and was also a top 50 hit in the UK. The follow-up solo album was called "Doin' It My Way", and this time the production duties were handed to The System. His final solo album "The Vision" was released in 1985 and produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. In 1986 he recorded a duet called "Perfect Timing" with Donna Allen. Later he hooked up with Regis Branson and they released one album together in 1989 as Johnson & Branson Johnson & Branson returned in 2002 on a japanese label called Soul Japan Records with the album "Packed & Waitin", which included a re-recording of "So Fine". Howard Johnson also contributed on the 2003 Soul Japan compilation album "Family Snapshots" with two brand new tracks, "It's Time For Love" and "Take The Pain Away". Read more on
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